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Did you know that you can wear authentic precious metals like 18k gold and sterling silver without paying thousands of dollars per piece?

Not everyone can afford fine jewelry. And even for those who can, it’s expensive enough that it’s only possible to purchase it once in a blue moon.

But jewelry helps us accomplish something essential that nothing else can. It’s what helps us feel feminine, sophisticated, confident, and put together.

Here at Blush and Bar, we believe it shouldn’t take a luxury price tag to dress fashionably every day. And that goes for whether you’re stuck at home or going out.

If you want to feel your best without hurting your wallet in the process, just keep reading!

We’ve put together our top 10 reasons to prefer jewelry that looks expensive over jewelry that’s actually expensive.

1. They’ll never know what you paid for it

From a historical standpoint, one of the most appealing aspects of jewelry was that it acted as a status symbol. Owning jewelry indicated wealth, comfort, and social status.

Today, you can find cheap jewelry anywhere you look. But the materials are so low-quality that it’s pretty transparent you only paid a few bucks for it.

Not only that, but it’ll also wear out and tarnish in a matter of weeks.

Unlike costume jewelry, affordable jewelry is coated in precious metals like 18k gold that keep it beautiful and strong.

Affordable pieces are also designed using stunning synthetic stones that look just as show-stopping as the ones that cost thousands.

We’ll let you in on a little secret—the synthetic ones sparkle just as brightly!

What you’re left with is a piece that looks like it came from a luxury jeweler’s boutique—but you only paid $60 for it.

That’s a pretty big win!

2. Save for other things

One thing’s for sure: if you save big on one item, that leaves more money to spend on something else you love.

And when you’re spending $60 instead of $500 or more, that extra cash can go a long way!

This is how affordable jewelry gives you more purchasing power as a consumer.

You can find exactly what you’re looking for at a more reasonable price point—and because of that, you’re able to do more with your dollar.

3. You can build a bigger jewelry collection

One of the most exciting things about playing with jewelry is building a collection. That’s when the fun begins!

You can start getting creative—reaching for the pieces you’re in the mood for or pairing them with your outfits to complete an individual look.

Soon, you’ll be experimenting with trends like stacked rings and layered necklaces that add eye-catching dimension to the outfits you already own.

Here’s the thing—if you’re buying fine jewelry, every purchase is a splurge. And that puts a limit on your creative impulses.

On the other hand, if each piece’s price is significantly reduced, you can afford to get several for the price of one!

Before you know it, you’ll have a full selection at your fingertips, ready to mix, match, and customize every day.

4. Jewelry gets damaged easily

No matter how high quality your jewelry is, it’s still prone to damage with everyday wear.

Gemstones are at risk of coming loose and disappearing when you least expect it. Solid gold can get dented, scratched, or bent if you don’t remember to take it off at the right times.

Even exposure to bright lights or body care products causes slow but steady damage to your valuable pieces of jewelry.

Most people aren’t able to keep up with regular polishing and cleaning habits, either. Over time, all this adds up to the mistreatment of the possessions you treasure the most.

Is that something you’re willing to risk?

If so, those pieces might not last as long as they’re meant to. And that makes a hefty price tag harder to justify.

5. Replacement jewelry is a must-have

Many of us own at least a few valuable pieces of jewelry.

Whether it’s a wedding or engagement ring or a precious family heirloom, some pieces are too precious to wear every day. They're better off saved for special occasions.

Another thing to consider is that expensive pieces carry two levels of value: the high amount paid for the purchase and the sentimental value that’s attached to the piece.

If something happens to it, you suffer double the loss—it’s heartbreaking, and it happens all the time.

Beautiful affordable jewelry is every bit as capable of holding sentimental value. But without the hefty price tag, there’s less to worry about.

Your best bet is to purchase affordable backups for your fine jewelry!

Especially for those with an active, on-the-go lifestyle, this is an essential step towards protecting those precious pieces so they last forever.

6. Wear it anywhere

Owning fine jewelry is a privilege. And because of that, it comes with responsibility. You can’t afford to be careless with it.

When you’re wearing it, you have to carry some level of caution with you wherever you go.

That mental burden disappears with affordable jewelry. You can just live your life! No hesitations are necessary.

For example, it’s common to get so attached to certain pieces of jewelry that you never want to remove them. Affordable jewelry makes that choice easy!

You can stick with that signature minimalist ring or pendant necklace no matter what you’re doing or where you are.

7. Risk-free purchase

Do you ever want just to buy something that makes you feel beautiful without agonizing over it?

Well, here’s our opinion: that shouldn’t be too much to ask.

Sometimes we can be moved to purchase something, but then when we follow through with it, we feel uneasy. We start thinking, “it probably wasn’t a good idea to spend that much.”

Affordable jewelry is the perfect alternative.

It marks special occasions, it’s a gift you can give yourself, and it’s made with durable materials that will last. But it’s not going to put your finances at risk.

8. Wear the trend, skip the markups

It’s no secret that the price of jewelry from reputable mainstream retailers involves huge markups.

That means that when you buy a piece of fine jewelry like a diamond necklace or a gold ring, you’re probably paying up to three times as much for the materials than they cost the retailer!

This is most common when it comes to brick-and-mortar jewelry stores, and it has to do with processes like shipping and inventory costs for the valuables.

However, even without those markups, the jewelry industry is famous for developing marketing strategies that normalize exorbitant prices.

Most retailers take inspiration from De Beers’s iconic slogan that made history: “A diamond is forever.” It suggests to customers that the value of their jewelry is simply immeasurable.

Gucci’s slogan for their jewelry, “Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten” (Aldo Gucci, 1938) encourages customers to spend the money now—even if it’s not the best financial choice for you.

You could say that emotion over reason is the name of the game in the jewelry business. And you’d be right!

That should come as no surprise—after all, jewelry has an emotional element that’s undeniable.

But the myth that more expensive jewelry holds more sentimental value isn’t genuine.

It’s a wildly successful marketing campaign strategy that was created and circulated by the jewelry industry itself (and for obvious reasons).

9. Affordable jewelry is a better deal

Financial freedom starts with buying things you can afford that will last long enough to be worthwhile.

That’s true value. If you buy something that will put you in a tough place financially, it’s not always worth it in the long run.

In reality, staying within your budget (and shopping responsibly) is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Thankfully, that doesn’t always mean compromise!

Affordable jewelry offers the best of both worlds.

You won’t end up paying a price you’re not comfortable with—but you also won’t be throwing money away by wasting it on cheap metals.

Best of all, you’ll be able to rest assured that the pieces you fall in love with won’t corrode and wear away in a matter of months!

10. No compromise in quality

When you buy affordable jewelry, you’re not buying solid gold.

It’s not the investment of a lifetime. But those same precious ingredients that are found in fine jewelry are used to create jewelry that is far less expensive.

That means affordable pieces maintain all the high-quality benefits of precious metals like gold and sterling silver in a way that’s much easier on your wallet.

Common affordable jewelry formulations like gold vermeil deliver that top-notch quality at a shockingly low price.

These designs are hypoallergenic, corrosion-proof, expertly crafted, and guaranteed to last.

In other words, what you’re getting is the whole package. Quality, beauty, and affordability!


Fine jewelry can be tempting; there’s no doubt about it.

But for the average person, owning more than a couple of pieces is impractical.

They usually end up spending more time tucked safely away in a drawer than they do being worn. And there’s a good reason for that.

But there’s no good reason you shouldn’t have a collection of jewelry you can confidently pick from every single day.

Maybe you just need a beautiful replacement set for your wedding ring and engagement ring.

Or maybe you’re a jewelry fanatic who can’t live without it!

Either way, the world of affordable jewelry can offer you amazing alternatives to those over-the-top prices you’re used to seeing.

Take our word for it—once you get a taste of what’s out there, you’ll never want to go back!