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November 26, 2019 2 min read

Find your sparkle and celebrate the femininity that is uniquely you. At Blush & Bar, we create pieces crafted to last—accessible luxury designed in New York City, ethically produced, and backed by a lifetime guarantee. All our pieces are of the highest quality, individually hand made, and hypoallergenic. Get to know your new favorite jewelry and bring a little sparkle to your everyday!


Meet just a few of the pieces our customers adore:



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White Fire Champagne Opal Ring

An opulent showstopper, it's no mystery why the White Fire Champagne Opal Ring has a customer cult following. From photoshoots to elegant nights out to a splash of decadence in your work day, this piece is rich, gorgeous, and unforgettable. You'll be obsessed.



Sasha Sparkle Ring

A cluster of sparkles held by a thin gold band, the Sasha Sparkle Ring is a piece our customers become obsessed with. Just a gentle flash of light of glitter to accompany your everyday movements, the Sasha Sparkle accentuates your look with a touch of intentionality and glamour.



Two-Piece Cuff Earrings

Add an edgy, refined look to your winter wardrobe and frame your face with sparkling quality gold—no piercings needed! Our incredible cuff earrings design allows anyone to play with new jewelry placement for a fresh take on your daily accessory choices.



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Nadia X Infinity Ring

Our Blush & Bar girls love the Nadia for its unique shape and soft, feminine lines. There’s something subtle and yet stunning about this perfectly designed piece, crafted to compliment.



Emma Vintage Ring

Like a gift from your grandmother’s teenage wardrobe or a treasured find in your favorite antique shop, the Emma Vintage Ring brings gentle Edwardian design sensibilities to your ring stack for a uniquely refined style choice.



Clementine 3 in 1 Choker Necklace

Add sparkle to your collarbone; bring out the richness of your skin tone and draw attention to your eyes and smile. Gentle, dainty, feminine—you. Choose between rose gold, yellow gold, or sterling silver for the perfect addition to your daily look.


Dainty opal ring

Simple Dots White Fire Opal Ring

This ring features three opal stones nestled in gold or sterling silver, symbolizing the past, present, and future—making this piece a favorite choice for promise rings or eternity bands among our customers. Wear alone or with your favorite statement rings.



Crystal Ring

“Delight” is the best word to describe our customers’ reaction to this ring. Girly and gorgeous, this ring is a daily touch of indulgence and sweetness, available in shell pink or pearl.


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Nicolette Stacking Ring

Meet the perfect accessory. Simple, refined, high-quality materials with timeless allure and eye-catching luster. Our customers rave about this piece and its understated elegance: The type of daily accessory you won't take off.