January 03, 2020 2 min read

Here are some things you can do with your new favorite jewelry: 

    • Make the gym more fun. Our hypoallergenic rings are sweat-safe!
    • Bring glamour to the workplace. Subtle, minimalistic designs make your workday sparkle.
    • Honor a friendship. Matching rings keep your best friend close no matter where she is.
    • Pretend you’re a princess. We won’t tell!
    • Keep a few as gift emergencies. Forgot her special day? She’ll never know.
    • Start a family tradition. Match with grandma, mom, sister, daughter, niece—a perfect way to remind her of your love every day.
    • Beat the winter blues. Make your cloudy skies clear with some new bling. Now it’s summer sunshine every day.
    • Reward yourself. Celebrate a big achievement with a little sparkle.
    • Scare grandpa. Our 2 Piece Cuff Earrings add edge with zero piercings required.
    • Graduate from cheap jewelry. It’s time to level up!
    • Lift your spirits. Had a crummy day? Nothing a little sparkle can’t fix.
    • Mark a new beginning. Start a new journey off right.
    • Spare the honeymoon fund. Opt for a quality engagement ring or wedding band that won’t break the bank without compromising on sparkle.
    • Take a glam vacation. From ski to surf, our water-safe rings look good on vacay.
    • Match your mood. Sometimes a girl wants to wear silver, other days gold. Who said you have to decide? Our fair prices make it easy to create a look for every vibe.
    • Express yourself. Our 3 for $99 ring stack makes it easy to design a complete look that is uniquely you.
    • Fix a bad haircut. Yesterday’s hair regrets are a distant memory when you distract with a pair of sparkly earrings. Now it’s a *look.*
    • Say “I love you.” You don’t need a special occasion to make her smile.
    • Create your signature. Fashions change; your favorite, quality jewelry is a constant—a sparkly Chanel No. 5.
    • Feel confident. Nothing makes you feel more put-together than a perfect set of matching, minimalist, high-quality jewelry. 


Will my jewelry last?

YES. Blush & Bar Jewelry is crafted from quality materials that don’t fade, rub off, or tarnish. We stand by our products with a lifetime guarantee.


Does Blush & Bar carry my size?

YES. We carry ring sizes 4-13, a much more diverse range than almost all jewelry brands. We believe every woman should feel beautiful. Dainty jewelry for every size.


Is my jewelry hypoallergenic? 

YES. Our jewelry won’t irritate your skin or turn your skin green. Remember: You’re protected by our guarantee.


Do you use ethical production?

YES. You can feel good in our jewelry and you can feel good about our jewelry.