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Summer Are Your Best Days To Shine – Shine With Us

by Social Awareness Hub Collaborator |

As one of the favorite times of the year, summer gives you an opportunity to shine like never before. With flowery yellow sundresses and white heels to match, there is only one special gift you need: jewelry! Whether it is for yourself or a friend, our summer collection will add that special summer flare you need to standout from any crowed. It’s summer, you can be breezy, easy, beauty, blush and bar!

These are our Five Must Have Summer Fashion Trends

1. Beautiful Neckline With Love Attached To It
As one of our summer fan favorites, the Sunenstone Drift Necklace reminds us that love comes in small packages and we are more than sure you will fall head-over-heels over this beautiful gem of a necklace. With 3 different color styles that are bright enough for any summer outfit, this is the necklace to accompany with a flowy summer dress.

2. Get Your Wings
With the Whitley Winged Earrings you can complement any beautiful cocktail dress. Surprise every guest, party-goer or passerby with these beautiful winged earrings that will cause everyone to wonder whether you really are an angel. With the perfect dance of bright and light, these wings will help you soar through the summer with breeze and style.

3. Life Better As A Trio
With a beautiful stand-out gold-plated cover and cubic Zirconia, our chevron ring is the perfect complement to any simple summer outfit. Wear it with jeans, a tank-top and boots or a summer cocktail dress and allow the trio-power to flow through you. Oh, you did not know that it comes with three chevrons? Well, it is our newest addition. We believe why have one, when you can have three. Enjoy our Remy Gold Chevron Ring!

4. For The Minimalist Summer Lover
Introducing in our summer collection, a gift dedicated for the minimalist lover looking for the perfect complement for her Instagram beauty photo. Or maybe, you are looking for a simple accompaniment for your black cocktail dress. Enjoy our Janice earrings, gold plated. We believe that sometimes, less is more.

5. Beach Day Beauty with These Blue Beauties
If you really want to impress this summer with a simple approach to fashion, our Ocean Blue Stud Earrings are dedicated for the lover of a little bit of color. Accompany these beautiful summer earrings with a white mini dress and blue heels and you are ready for the most sophisticated beach party of the season. The special guest- you! Oh, and if blue isn’t your only favorite color, there are a total of 19 for you to add to your collection.

Dedicated to the fashion and jewelry lovers out there, we really hope that these summer favorites will inspire you to add a little bit of Blush and Bar to your collection. Inspired by summer, our new Summer Collection is ready to help you bring in the hottest season with the hottest styles. Check out all of our new styles and have stylish summer!