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Top Fascinating International Engagement Ring Customs

by John Chen |

It’s highly evident that a considerable number of Americans are acquainted with engagement and marriage. Throughout the fashion history, they are always have been incredibly curious on how local traditions compare to those around the globe. You may have heard murmurs about different forms of proposals, right? Hell yeah !!! Great !!! so let’s dive deep a little bit into the wonderful international engagement ring customs.

The following facts may seem unfamiliar to you, but here’s the thing : brides in Germany Norway, India and Russia wear engagement rings on their right hands instead of their left ( It is also common in so many countries including France, Canada, and UK).


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  • In Argentina (South of America), Couples MERELY exchange rings at the engagement, and not at the wedding ceremony mmmm so interesting !!!


  • In Chile, women and men have to receive engagement rings which they mainly wear on their right hands. But when they are married, they move them to their left hands.


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  • Native American tribes who live in North America often choose Silver Rings which are mainly decorated with semi-precious stones and natural materials.
  • In Bengal, India Men tend to give women iron bangle bracelets instead of engagement rings. Interesting !!
  • Chinese still follow the tradition of exchanging rings. Up to now, goods and money can be exchanged.


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  • In Ireland, people choose Claddagh-Style engagement ring which symbolizes their own culture. However, this ring should be worn on the left hand along with a crown pointing toward a future wife to symbolise engagement. Once the couple is officially married, the husband turn the crown away from his wife.
  • In Sweden, both women and men exchange engagement rings. In most cases, these rings are made from very simple gold or silver bands.
  • Kenyans are well-known for wearing ornate beadings around their neck along with some specific colors that indicate engagement.


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