Top Six Jewelry Mistakes Women Make | Gold Jewelry | Blush & Bar - Blush and Bar

December 18, 2019 4 min read

What is your daily jewelry look? Finishing your outfit with the perfect refined pieces that reflect your style is one of life’s little joys!
Most women want their jewelry to say something about who they are. They seek out jewelry to provide those delicate finishing touches that will help them look polished and put together from work to play.
Unfortunately, what should be a joyous and indulgent experience can end up being a frustrating process for many women. Finding the right jewelry is tough! Too many pieces are deceptively marketed and end up tarnishing or irritating the skin, turning what should be a polished accessory into a tacky distraction. Finding the perfect ring stack or jewelry set is a struggle: Mismatched styles, qualities, and metals inevitably lead to an overflowing jewelry box and “nothing to wear.” When she wants it to look just right, nothing less will do.
Do you admire a friend or favorite Instagram influencer whose jewelry choices are always coordinated, cool, and effortless? We’ll help you achieve the same look. But first, it’s important to know what to avoid. These are the top mistakes women make with their jewelry. Let’s dive in!

Wearing jewelry without soul.

Jewelry tastes are extremely personal; unique to every woman. There are endless combinations and styles to choose from. You don’t have to look like a carbon copy of anyone else: You can mix and match to create an overall look that is meaningful and unique to YOU! Rather than finding expensive designer pieces that are currently in vogue, take the time to build a collection that speaks to your spirit, combining gifts from loved ones, heirlooms, and presents you bought yourself just to celebrate the daily magic of being a woman.

Choosing cheap or unethically produced jewelry.

Too many jewelry companies with cheap metals and poor production practices have saturated the marketplace. As important as feeling good in the jewelry you wear is feeling good aboutthe jewelry you wear. Look for companies that clearly state their use of quality materials, ethical practices, and fair wages for workers. Look for hypoallergenic jewelry that won’t hurt your skin. Look for companies that use quality materials. Finally, look for jewelry companies that offer lifetime warranties on their pieces so you can have full confidence when you purchase. P.S. You don’t need to break the bank to find jewelry that will last! Blush & Bar provides all of the above with fair, accessible pricing.

Improperly stored or dirty jewelry.

Store your jewelry in a clean, dry place. Avoid overly humid rooms. And be sure to regularly clean your jewelry—either by purchasing a cleaning kit or taking your jewelry to a professional—in order to keep it shiny and beautiful for life! Research proper cleaning methods for your different styles of jewelry so they stay beautiful.

Getting the wrong ring size.

One of the most important developments in fashion in recent years has been the body positivity movement. Beauty comes in every size and it’s about time the industries behind what we wear recognized this obvious fact! However, the jewelry industry seems to be the last place for this attitude to permeate. Too many jewelry manufacturers carry an extremely limited ring sing range. Wearing a tight, ill-fitting ring is never a good look. Choose a jewelry company that carries your size range and offers free returns for fit so you can be sure to get the perfect piece when you invest in your jewelry.

Mixing clashing pieces.

The old rule against mixing metals is certainly passé. Gold and silver can absolutely work together! Confident style icons wear meaningful pieces that combine cohesively to create a holistic, unique look. However, different shades or qualities of metals can result in a cheap, incoherent whole. Fashion rules are made to be broken, but it’s important to find metals that are similar quality and work together cohesively if you are aiming for that sleek, minimalist, elegant style. Consider choosing a “main” metal for your jewelry box, and then spice it up selectively with pieces that match your style and work with your daily staples. Or have multiple sets of different styles of jewelry for all the many colors of your mood and wardrobe!

Selecting the wrong metal for your skin tone.

Some skin tones work better with certain metals. Traditionally, cooler skin tones work best with bright, light metals such as platinum and silver, whereas warmer skin tones look best paired with yellow gold or rose gold. Neutral skin tones can wear any type of metal easily. If you’re looking to find one main metal for your jewelry choices, experiment with different tones to find the one that makes your own uniquely beautiful coloring shine! And remember: In fashion, rules are made to be broken. Love gold jewelry but have a light skin tone? Wear what speaks to you! It’s always best to go with what you love.