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February 05, 2020 2 min read

Courtesy: Instagram @jessymplace


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and there’s nothing more romantic than jewelry when it comes to telling the girl you love just how you feel! Celebrate the love in your life with a gift that celebrates her unique personality and all the things that made you adore her.

Shopping for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift can be a challenge. You want to hit the right note and give her something sweet without being corny. Our Gift Guide takes the mystery and guesswork out of finding the right Valentine for your Valentine!


Valentine for the Hopeless Romantic 

She’s the ultimate girly girl, your princess. She’s a hopeless romantic who loves to express her feelings in her style—she wears her heart on her sleeve. This ring is the perfect “grand gesture” gift for your romantic Valentine. Shop the White Fire Champagne Opal Ring.

Valentine for the Free Spirit

She has a gypsy heart and an adventurous spirit. You love her playfulness, her creativity, her curiosity. She needs to know that you see her whimsical, artistic, free spirited side. Shop the Blue Opal Carved Ring.


Valentine for the Boss Girl

She’s professional, hardworking, and focused. She’s going places and you couldn’t be prouder of her. The perfect constant reminder of your love for this Valentine is classy and minimalistic, so she can wear it every day. Shop the Mid Knuckle Sterling Silver 2-Ring Set.



Valentine for the Old Soul

She loves old books and poetry and long walks. She has simple tastes and feels loved when you write her a card, buy her flowers, remember her favorite Starbucks drink. She knows what truly matters and what real love means. This ring looks like an heirloom, but instead it’s her heirloom from her love, a gift to cherish forever. Beautiful craftsmanship and quality that lasts makes the perfect gift for her vintage soul. Shop the Emma Vintage Ring.


Valentine for the Fitness Queen

Being outside and active gives her life. She lives in her favorite athletic wear; you know it’s a BIG occasion if you see her in heels! You love her easygoing style and “up for anything” spirit. She’s always willing to take on a challenge. Celebrate her with a simple, beautiful ring that will add a little sparkle to her style. Our hypoallergenic materials are sweat safe and water safe. Shop the Olivia Twist Ring.


Valentine for the Artist

She’s the consummate creative, always designing and inventing. She loves expressing herself and expressing her love for you in new ways. This ring is a subtle addition to her daily look with brilliant opals that represent the many facets of her creative self. She’ll feel loved and seen every time she wears it. Shop the Debra Dots Opal Ring.



Shop our collection for the perfect Valentine's Day gift! All the rings listed in this guide are available for 2-Day Shipping and come with a complimentary gift box. From your friends at Blush & Bar Jewelry, happy Valentine's Day! xo