4 Easy Ways to Transform Any Outfit With Jewelry - Blush and Bar

May 26, 2020 6 min read

When it comes to style and fashion choices, we all need to hit refresh every once in a while. 

Sometimes a new season sets the mood for a new look. Other times, our usual outfits start to feel underwhelming for no particular reason.

Sound familiar?

If you’re starting to envision buying loads of new clothes as a remedy, hold that thought. 

Even if you only get a couple new outfits, you still have to buy several pieces to complete the look. And even then, you still don’t end up with a fully refreshed wardrobe.

Once everything adds up, you’re looking at a pretty big expense for a result that’s only partly satisfying.

Instead of starting from scratch, try shopping for jewelry rather than clothing. That way, you can work with what you already have, and still give your wardrobe a refreshing upgrade. 

It's a cost-effective alternative to buying more tops, bottoms, dresses, scarves, and jackets. (Not to mention other items like shoes and handbags.) 

In this guide, we’ll give you our best recommendations for pairing jewelry with outfits. When you've learned these tips, you'll know exactly what to look for. 

Start by taking an inventory of the styles, fits, prints, and colors in your current wardrobe. From there, we’ll help you decide what pieces of jewelry bring out the best in your outfits and give them a trendy and interesting twist.

Tip #1: Accentuate your face by transforming the neckline

The neckline is one of the basic aspects of a top or dress that determines how an outfit frames your body shape. It can even influence the appearance of your face shape! 

To make the most of a low neckline, pick out a few mid-length necklaces that lay on your chest area. Pairing necklace lengths with necklines sometimes depends on the shape of your neckline.

For V-neck dresses, try a princess-length or matinee-length necklace. The lowest point of the necklace should fall above the lowest point of your top's neckline. 

If you’re going for an understated look, you can't go wrong with a dainty chain necklace with a longline neckline.

The angles of the necklace mimic the shape of the top, which creates a beautiful symmetry between the two. This style looks effortlessly chic.

If you love the look of a choker but want a piece that flatters low-cut tops and dresses, consider a Lariat necklace. 

This style is an elegant, modern twist on the classic choker-style necklace. It usually features a delicate chain that fits around the collarbone area with a vertical strand that extends down the chest.

Kylie Jenner Lariat necklace

Lariat necklaces give you that minimalist vibe that’s especially fashionable nowadays. 

But you don’t have to wear a plunging neckline to hop on this trend! 

As it happens, this necklace style is quite versatile. It looks lovely with high-cut tops and turtlenecks.  

Necklines come in all shapes and sizes. What's the secret to finding the right pieces for various neckline styles?

Here's one trick—think about how much of your décolletage and shoulders the top reveals. How do you want to accentuate the part of your body that your outfit shows off?  

For example, strapless necklines leave more space open on the chest and shoulders. These styles are often paired with more statement or complex pieces that take up more space.

But in some cases, you might want your décolletage to be the main focal point. If so, a more delicate necklace adds the perfect accent to show off your lovely complexion. 

High-cut tops are often easy to accessorize. Bold necklaces add a luxe flair to dresses with necklines that hit on or above the collarbone.

Do you have a handful of high-necked styles in your closet? Don’t be afraid to pick out some bold jewelry with larger designs and interesting shapes! 

Bold earrings look especially beautiful with high-necked clothing. They bring all the attention up towards your face and neck.

Merrick Sart accessories to outfit

High necklines also complement very long necklaces that fall below your chest area.

If long necklaces are your thing, be sure to select a few that pair well together. That way, you can wear them alone or experiment with a trendy layered look. 

Tip #2: Make prints and solids pop

If you were to rummage around in your closet right now, what kinds of colors and prints would you find? 

If you wear a lot of solids and neutrals, you have some room to play around with your accessories. Solids complement a wide variety of jewelry styles, shapes, and colors.

Patterned clothing isn’t quite as flexible as solids. The main reason for this is because you don’t want the style of your clothing to compete with the style of your jewelry.

But don’t let that stop you from wearing the vibrant prints you love! 

You can work with patterned outfits by accessorizing with earrings, bracelets, and rings. Unlike necklaces, these pieces don't lay directly on top of your clothing. As a result, they’re less likely to clash with tops that already have a lot going on. 

An easy way to shop for jewelry that goes well with busy patterns is to look for coordinating colors. Pick out some solid-colored necklaces, earrings, and bracelets that coordinate well with the colors you wear often.

And, voila—you can give those outfits a vibrant pop of color in a flash.

OutfitTrends tassle earrings

While necklaces help your outfit show off your form and figure, earrings bring attention to your face and your hairstyle. 

If you’re the creative type, mixing and matching your patterned clothing with different types of jewelry is a fun way to pull together your look.

Mimic the print of your clothing with the shapes of your jewelry for a fun, unexpected twist to your outfit.

Tip #3: Show off (or slim down) your silhouette

Speaking of flattering the figure, we all have our preferences when it comes to the fit of our clothing. 

If you like to create a flowy silhouette, you can add subtle shape back to your outfit using a necklace.

A long necklace layered over top of a loose-fitting blouse or dress is always a good look. The weight of the necklace brings definition back to your figure without taking away from the whimsical effect that you’re going for. 

GlamRadar necklace style ideas
Source: Glamradar.com

The weight and texture of long necklaces adds eye-catching contrast to a flowy cotton or linen style.

You can also add shape to flowy outfits with dangling earrings that highlight your face and hair. 

When it comes to form-fitting clothing, your figure is already defined with your outfit. Use jewelry to soften the look without distracting from the angles and curves of your body shape.

Form-fitting clothing looks great with minimalistic necklaces and all kinds of earring styles. 

Tip #4: Transform the sleeves of any blouse

When you shop for jewelry that elevates your outfits, don’t underestimate the power of bracelets and rings! 

Sleeveless and short-sleeved styles look effortless with bracelets of all kinds. Because they’re so versatile, bracelets are a classic way to express your personal style.  

Most of the time, bracelets are a total no-brainer. Easy add-ons to grab when you’re in a rush!

Is it possible for a bracelet style or color to clash with an outfit? The answer is yes—but it doesn’t happen often.

This is because there’s not much variety when it comes to sleeve styles. Bracelets don’t often interfere with what you already have going on. You can easily judge at a glance whether a bracelet goes well with a certain outfit.

Unless, of course, you’re wearing long sleeves. What then?

Think of it this way—if your arms are completely covered, this only brings more attention to the skin that is showing. 

Selecting a few rings to wear on your fingers instantly makes your look appear more detailed and coordinated. 

Lifestyle Capital Stacked Rings

Source: Lifestyle Capital

Rings add interest and variety to your overall appearance, much like a manicure does. The smallest finishing touches can pull together your whole look.

It’s all about those details! 


The truth is, you don’t need to purchase a new wardrobe to transform your look. 

Shopping for a brand new set of outfits every season just isn’t practical for most people. Even if expense isn’t a big issue, it’s a time-consuming (and often frustrating) process. 

Are you ready to branch out and start getting creative?

You can use our basic guidelines to shop for jewelry that showcases your own unique sense of style. 

Once you start incorporating jewelry into your everyday outfits, you’ll soon develop an instinct for mixing and matching jewelry with clothing. That’s where the real fun begins!

You’re probably already envisioning looks that you can put together using the clothes you have in your closet right now. We’d love to hear about what you come up with!

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