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September 01, 2020 5 min read


Blush & Bar brand 

In late 2019, my wife Sarah and I acquired Blush and Bar with both excitement and a very carefully considered plan for the future. Overseeing the direction of the brand, coupled with a strong desire to find the highest-quality sources, our goals are to continue building off of the foundational aspects of the business while advancing those areas we know every client wants and deserves!

Before making the decision to acquire this brand, Sarah was a “customer,” and went through the same experiences as some past shoppers, so we would have a truly unbiased view of what to expect moving forward. 

As we look to the future, care is at the very heart of our renewed mission. We are very much hands-on owners, reading every support ticket, every message, every email. It pains us to hear of any consumer dissatisfaction! We want you to know that we hear your voice coming through your messages.

Our small family is passionate about working hard to build legacies and set examples for the quality and service we desire ourselves. Care is at the heart of everything we do—from product development to caring for those we love and appreciate. We approach the future of Blush & Bar from the perspective of respect for the past, and excitement for what's to come!

With that, it’s time for us to let you in on some of those exciting changes! 


Product Quality

We’ve seen messages from past customers that let us know the consistency of product quality wasn’t always hitting the mark. While most past customers noted they loved their pieces and enjoy them still today, there were occasional cases of product failure.

As hardworking, everyday parents of two young kids, we have literally worked countless hours to be where we are today, and we see failure in two ways:

  1. Failure isn’t fatal unless you stop trying, and
  2. There is always room to do a little more to deliver a lot better if you are willing to put in the effort.

We refuse to accept anything less than consistent perfection for Blush & Bar as we move into the future. You are never just an order number or another customer! You sparkle… and we WANT to be a small part of what makes your sparkle shine bright!

We are proud to announce a new partnership, with new artisans, whose products and quality standards meet our own. During our search, we had one simple question to ask each potential new partner:

“Would you be proud to gift this to your mother, significant other, or a complete stranger, with your name on it?”

Fact is, our name is on it, and that means something to us. It’s important that we partner with artisans who have the same sense of pride in their work. We recently began delivering our new pieces, and already the positive response is so rewarding! We are excited to continue to bring you our signature line and anticipate new product offerings in the months to come.


Fast Shipping

We want our customers to receive their orders QUICKLY. If you love a piece, and need it fast, we want to ensure we can meet that need for you! If you are buying a gift for someone you love, we want to make sure your gift is there in time.

Previously, customers were simply orders, and those orders were fulfilled overseas, with no personal care taken. We saw this as the most crucial place to start implementing our visions for the future of our business.

With our new shipping process, as of March 2020, all of our products will be available for 2-day express shipping. All of our pieces will begin their journey to you, from right here in the United States, after careful inspection by our team, to ensure our standards are always met. It’s a small part of our commitment to providing our clients with the attention and care we would expect if it were our purchase.




We have a message for you, and we want it to be clear: Feeling beautiful is magical, and worthy of becoming a daily ritual. Our pieces are gorgeous, dainty, timeless, feminine, and desired—just like you! We want to honor the things that make you sparkle! Our signature “#ISparkleWhen” campaign, shines the spotlight where it should be: On you, our Blush & Bar family. 

Sarah once told me she bought herself a ring, long ago, because she needed a daily reminder that she was worthy, beautiful, and desired, and shouldn’t have to wait for someone else to put a ring on it to prove that to the world. (You can imagine how hard I had to work after that!)


Client Care

When you reach out, we’re listening. We see every message, we hear your voice coming through, and we’ll respond. We’ll listen to your feedback and if needed, we will not hesitate to make improvements based on your input. Our customers are our legacy, and growth only comes with sincere feedback.




Our goal is to foster a community of care, empowerment, celebration, love, and a renewed sense of confidence in the time and care we have put into anchoring our brand. Our pieces are designed to make you sparkle, and to celebrate the everyday moments of life.

In a world of declining care and compassion, filled with noise and negativity, we are consciously revamping everything at all times—from our social media platforms, to our emails and branding. We have the opportunity to serve as a bright, uplifting moment in your day, and that is meaningful and important to us.



What Hasn’t Changed

All of our original pieces were designed in NYC, and developed with painstaking care that is backed for life. Our designers will continue to bring the same uniqueness to life in our future pieces, and we will continue to stand behind our work with the same warranty.

Our products are timeless, feminine, dainty, gorgeous, and designed to charm and delight.

We refuse to ever compromise our very personal standards of ethical production. You should sparkle in our jewelry, and you should sparkle when you speak aboutour jewelry too! We’re passionate about taking care of the artists who create the pieces you wear. It’s part of our mission to celebrate both inner and outer beauty!

Our rings are available in extended sizing (4 to 13). When it comes to feeling beautiful and feminine, our belief is there is no “size” label for elegance. Dainty, timeless jewelry isn’t classified as petite, regular, or plus-sized! We refuse to limit our pieces based on the narrow societal mindset that something dainty is only reserved for those who fit into some sort of preset mold served by most jewelry brands. Every person is beautiful, timeless, unique, and desired, and should be celebrated for the beauty they bring to this world!


Thank You For Joining Us On This Journey.

On behalf of our entire family, both here at Blush & Bar Jewelry and in our own home, we thank you. Thank you for reading our heartfelt thoughts, for following along with us on this journey, and for being part of our new Blush & Bar community! We appreciate you more than you will ever know. We value you like our family. And, we look forward to making you sparkle for many years to come!


Very Truly Yours,

Dan & Sarah Wesley



More About Us:

Dan Wesley is one of those internet guru/entrepreneur guys that has worked tirelessly over the years building businesses, at times from nothing more than a blank canvas! He is an inspiring son, brother, and husband, and an even more incredible dad, to two pretty awesome kiddos. In his spare moments (which are way too few), he enjoys cheering for their son, the Tampa Bay Lightning NHL Hockey team, and together with Sarah and their kids, traveling the country by RV during summer breaks.


Dan and Sarah Wesley