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January 17, 2020 3 min read

Have you ever worn a lovely new piece of jewelry, only to suffer green skin, an itchy blister, or an angry red rash immediately afterward? Congratulations—you’re one of the many people to suffer from an allergic reaction to metal. It’s no fun!

 What metal is my skin reacting to?

The most common metal people are allergic to is nickel. Usually jewelry that does not contain nickel is labeled “nickel free” or “hypoallergenic.” These terms are often used interchangeably. Nickel is a metal substance, white in color, that is often used in jewelry alloys—i.e. metal blends used to craft jewelry and other items.

Am I allergic?

More than 15% of people are allergic to nickel, so there’s a good chance you could be affected. Did you know that you can actually develop a nickel allergy at any age? Even if you could get away with wearing the cheap stuff when you were younger, don’t be surprised if your skin acts up now!

Reasons to Choose Hypoallergenic Jewelry

1. You’ll get better quality jewelry.

Unsure if the jewelry you’re eyeing is just cheap, low quality junk wrapped in a pretty package or a well-made piece that will last? Look for a “hypoallergenic” label—it can be a helpful tell. In most cases, hypoallergenic jewelry is made from higher quality materials such as gold, copper, sterling silver, titanium, or platinum—or alloys with combinations that do not contain nickel.

2. You’ll protect your skin.

Everyone with a nickel allergy knows the unique unpleasantness of an icky, red blister on their ears after wearing a cheap piece of jewelry. An allergic reaction to nickel feels and looks just terrible! Poor quality metal can even turn your finger, neck, or wrist green—or cause a terrible rash when exposed to sun, water, or sweat. Your skin is the largest organ in your body and it deserves to be treated with care! Project the skin you live in by choosing quality metals for your everyday jewelry. You care about what goes in your body, but what about what goes on it?

3. You’ll get more value for your dollar.

Quality jewelry may cost a little more than the cheapest item on the shelf in the beginning, but consider how many more wears you’ll get out of it than the cheap stuff that instantly tarnishes and discolors your skin! When you choose jewelry that will adorn your skin or hands every day, it’s important to make the right investment. Cheap pieces are tempting today, but they won’t seem so appealing when you have to throw them away within a matter of weeks. Choose quality materials that won’t tarnish and will last.

Which metals are safe?

 When it comes to metal options, there are a number of beautiful alternatives that are safe to wear, including some golds, platinum, and more. Look for nickel free and hypoallergenic labels to ensure that your jewelry protects your skin.

Which metals should I avoid?

It’s best to avoid costume jewelry, which typically is made of cheap and inexpensive base metals—usually containing nickel—coated in thin layers of silver or gold. White gold usually contains nickel, a white metal, to help boost color and brilliance. If you see a product labeled “German silver,” know that it actually doesn’t contain silver at all! It’s just a deceptive name for a nickel alloy. If you’re unsure about the metal quality of the jewelry you’re considering, that’s not a good sign! A jewelry company should put their materials front and center.

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