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Copy of 2x Sasha Sparkle 18K Gold Vermeil/925 Sterling Silver/14K White Gold

Ring Size
Metal Color
925 Sterling Silver
$ 118.00 USD

Hello? Who couldn't use a sparkling-but-subtle splash of diamond beauty in their life–and on their finger? Um, we can't think of anyone. Strap on these humbling lovelies and you're ready to handle anything. Test it out: Head to your local café, hoist up your mug with this ring on and watch the world hang on your every. 

You get:

  • A seriously substantial layer of 18K over 925 Sterling Silver for maximum durability plus goodbye to any weird discoloration syndrome.
  • Meticulously faceted Grade AAA White Zircon–think snowflakes on steroids.
  • Individually handmade with a Lifetime Warranty.