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Sarah Snowflake 18K Gold Vermeil Dainty Ring

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$ 59.00 USD

We don’t mean to be oversensitive “snowflakes,” but this snowflake ring is kind of a sore subject for us. See, we distinctly told management that if they got any delicate rings like this in (to go with one we have already) they should give us a heads up. Instead, we’re finding out about it with you and who knows if we’ll even be able to get one. Anywho, enough of our problems: Do you see this ring? It’s sparkly, dainty, those little heart details? O.K., now we are really mad we don’t have one.

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–18K Gold over Sterling Silver (that’s how we roll over here, precious metals for maximum strength and minimum discoloration)

–Custom hand-crafted straight from us to you–done

–Wait, did you see those baby hearts?!!?